Cobra Kai Season 3: Ralph Macchio Addresses if Johnny and Daniel Will Work Together

The third season of Cobra Kai is arriving on Netflix in just a couple of weeks, and fans are looking forward to seeing how the cliffhangers of Season 2 are resolved. In addition to the hospitalization of Miguel and the potential return of Ali, the final episode of Season 2 set up a dangerous path forward for the Cobra Kai gym, as Kreese took over and kicked Johnny to the curb. Now, the most villainous man in the franchise has control of karate in the Valley, setting up the potential for Johnny and and Daniel to possibly work together going forward.

Will that kind of team-up ever happen in the world of The Karate Kid? Johnny and Daniel have been enemies since high school, but there have been glimpses of camaraderie between them over the course of Cobra Kai's first two seasons. The Kreese takeover could push them closer together, and fans are hoping that will be the case. While speaking with EW, Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio compared Daniel and Johnny to central Friends couple Ross and Rachel, saying that their relationship will always be a complicated one.

"Therein lies our Ross and Rachel thing that I mentioned earlier. Johnny and Daniel, we love to see them have a few beers and be simpatico, and then we also love to see them at each other's throats," Macchio explained. "Another thing that works so well in the show is the audience can see the different-but-same elements of these guys. It's sometimes frustrating because you just want to put them in a room together and pour a drink and just say, 'Get over it.'

"We certainly hear the fans loud and clear, and the show has been designed in the way to bring us to that [reconciliation]. It's important that you're staying ahead of everything, but you are satisfying your audience at the same time. It's challenging to do. We have so many characters in the show and so many compelling story lines, even outside of just Johnny and Daniel's legacy rivalry and Kreese as the wrench in the middle of it."


It sounds like there will be glimpses of friendship on the way for Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso in Season 3 of Cobra Kai, but we'll just have to wait to see what happens when the new episodes arrive in January.

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