ComicBook Nation: D23 Breakdown, New Batman and Black Adam Stuff, TV Recap

CB Nation Breaks down the new Black Adam Trailer and D23 2022 reveals, and we can't get away from Batman thanks to the latest big DC Comics twists! We also talk about some big events in Geek TV with House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power Episode 3, and Madisynn's big debut in She-Hulk Episode 4! PLUS a crazy week in wrestling needs some deep-dive recap! 

From Host Kofi Outlaw's Barbarian Review

Barbarian is a dark-horse horror movie release that actually deserves theatrical viewing – not for the visuals it offers, but for the audience experience. Cregger constructed his descent into the demented and macabre with a horror connoisseur's confidence in measuring how each moment will play to the crowd. And it definitely is a fun run to take, together.

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