Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Addresses Possibility of Charlie Cox's Return as Daredevil

When Netflix confirmed that it wouldn't be renewing its entire slate of Marvel series, fans were [...]

When Netflix confirmed that it wouldn't be renewing its entire slate of Marvel series, fans were disappointed for a number of reasons, though the prevailing disappointment centered around the idea that we wouldn't see these specific performers bring these figures to life again anytime soon. Of these actors, fans were particularly devasted that Charlie Cox would seemingly no longer play Daredevil, as his series kicked off Netflix's slate of Marvel series, in addition to the character having such a passionate following. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was recently asked about how the Netflix series would factor into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though he dodged addressing anything related to Cox's possible return.

"I look at anything that's happened before, whether it's our movies, whether it's Marvel Entertainment TV series, and, particularly, obviously, the comics, video games, cartoons ... all of it is available as inspiration for the future of Marvel," Feige shared with Collider when asked if the MCU would incorporate elements from the Netflix series. "That's the way the comics have worked for 80 years. So, we'll see."

When specifically asked about whether fans could see Cox as Matt Murdock again, Feige avoided making any sort of reaction.

Netflix confirmed it wouldn't be moving forward with Daredevil back in November of 2018, resulting in fans immediately igniting campaigns for the series to return, Cox to return, or both. Additionally, rumors began to emerge that Marvel Studios had already started making plans to bring Cox into the MCU, though none of those plans came to fruition or were officially confirmed.

Whatever the future of Daredevil might be, despite Cox regularly expressing his interest in reprising the role, he previously cast doubt on the Daredevil series itself ever returning.

"I don't feel that way, no. And, I don't know why I don't feel that way," Cox shared with when discussing the likelihood of a fourth season. "But, I haven't been given any reason to believe that. And, from a cynical point of view, it just feels like maybe I'm trying to protect myself, 'cause I'd love nothing more than to do it again."

The main reason is that the entire ensemble has largely moved on to other projects, with the commitment of a TV series taking up too much time.

"But when you make a television show, it's so complicated, and people's schedules are so difficult, and contracts are so difficult," Cox confessed. "So that's why when, as an actor, when you sign onto a TV show, you sign six years of your life away. Because, if you don't do that, it becomes too complicated to try and get all these moving pieces."

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Daredevil.

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