Titans Actor Shares His DC Comics Homework To Play Red Hood

DC's Titans actor Curran Walters is getting to make the jump from playing Jason Todd to playing [...]

DC's Titans actor Curran Walters is getting to make the jump from playing Jason Todd to playing Red Hood in Titans season 3, and he wants DC Comics fans to know that he's doing his research! Walters shared an image on social media, and it's pretty the now-obligatory look at a pile of comic books that are supposedly serving as "research" for a live-action adaptation. In the case of Curran Walters, his DC Comics research includes iconic favorites like Jason Todd's death in "Batman: A Death in the Family", his return in "Batman: Under the Red Hood", and the more modern depictions of Todd in "Red Hood and the Outlaws."

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For fans of DC Comics, Batman, and the Jason Todd character, this pretty much the full gamut of the comic book influences they would want to see made part of Red Hood's live-action debut. And since fans of DC's Titans have loved Currant Walters as Jason Todd, this seems like it's going to be a winning adaptation (provided the Red Hood costume kicks ass...).

If you're not familiar with DC Comics history (but for some reason are still watching Titans, and reading this article?): Jason Todd was Batman's second Robin, a street kid who Batman caught trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile. Todd became a more aggressive and cavalier version of Robin - and that attitude eventually got him killed. In "Death In The Family", Joker abducts, brutally tortures, and kills Jason in a fiery explosion, as Batman is moments to late to save his partner. Todd was resurrected using the mythic Lazarus Pits, and eventually reappeared in Gotham City years later as the killer vigilante "Red Hood." After initially raging against both Batman and Joker over his death, Jason eventually found a new purpose fighting crime as his own brand of anti-hero.

Titans covering the Jason Todd/Red Hood storyline is a serving as a major point of intrigue for season 3. The big reveal came during the DC FanDome event, where we also learned that Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) will also be joining Titans season 3, along with Batman villain Scarecrow. On the one hand, it's a nice thrill for DC Comics fans to see more iconic characters joining the Titans Universe. On the other hand, it's also a red flag for fans who already thinking Titans has been co-opted into being a Batman show.

Titans season 3 will premiere on HBO Max (and not DC Universe).