Titans to Cast Scarecrow in Season 3

The third season of Titans is officially happening, and it will be bringing some more star power to when it returns with new episodes. The popular series took the virtual stage at DC FanDome on Saturday evening, revealing some new information about the upcoming third season, as well as announcing some popular characters that would be making their way to the series. Among these new additions is one of Batman's most well-known villains, Scarecrow.

The folks behind Titans announced that Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, would be making his debut on the series in Season 3. There's no word as to how many episodes he will be appearing in, or how substantial his role will be. Casting has yet to be announced at this time.

Here's the character's official description, according to WBTV: "Known to most as the Scarecrow, Crane is a current inmate at Arkham Asylum and offers his services as a profiler and consultant for the Gotham City Police Department."

So this take on Scarecrow will already be an inmate at Arkham when he makes his debut, but will still have some pull over the G.C.P.D.

In addition to Scarecrow, Titans will be adding a couple of other Gotham-centric characters to its third season. Curran Walters will finally take on the role of Red Hood, while the Barbara Gordon will be making her Titans debut.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing will also be getting some changes in the upcoming season, especially when it comes to his suit.

“We pitched a few ideas to change the suit in a way that we can still use the outline of the original suit because they are so time-consuming and expensive to make,” said star Brenton Thwaites. “It’s better for us to enhance the one we’ve already got. We’re working on different ways for Nightwing to have more gadgets.”

At this time, there is no word as to when Titans Season 3 will arrive on DC Universe.


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The first two seasons of Titans are currently streaming on DC Universe.