Dexter's Podcast Is Also Getting a Revival

It looks like Dexter fans have more than just the upcoming revival, Dexter: New Blood, to look forward to. Showtime is bringing back the drama's official companion podcast as well. Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up With Scott Reynolds is set to launch on Friday, October 1st. The podcast's launch coincides with the 15th anniversary of the original series which aired its first episode on October 1, 2006. According to Deadline, new episodes of Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up With Scott Reynolds will drop weekly on Tuesdays for 16 weeks. The revival limited series itself debuts on November 7th.

The podcast will feature discussion of episodes and characters as well as interviews with those involved with the series itself, including Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, John Lithgow, executive producer Clyde Phillips, and more.

"Resurrecting America's favorite serial killer puts viewers in the passenger seat as I, along with my special guests, will lay it all out on the kill table," Reynolds said. "This podcast is the perfect companion piece to cut deep into the dark drama that's Dexter. Was he a good guy doing bad things or a bad guy doing good things? Or was he just a misunderstood man with a large collection of knives and way too much plastic wrap?"

Dexter: New Blood is set a decade after the end of the original series which saw Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall) disappear in a hurricane. Now, he's living in the fictional small town of Iron Lake, New York under the assumed name of Jim Lindsay, but a string of incidents involving lost children seems to begin to draw Dexter out of retirement, with the character acknowledging in the series' trailer that he may be a monster, but at least he's an evolving monster.

"I'm looking forward to getting back into Dexter's shoes," Hall explained in a previous interview. "I don't really know what to expect, as I've never returned to a job after so much time. Having Dexter in a completely different context, we'll see how that feels. It's been interesting to figure out how to do that and I thought it was time to find out what the hell happened to him."

Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up With Scott Reynolds will debut on October 1st and will be available wherever you get your podcasts as well as on the Showtime YouTube channel. Dexter: New Blood debuts Sunday, November 7th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.