Eragon Reboot in Development at Disney+

Eragon is heading back to live-action. After a widely-panned film adaptation in 2006, Disney+ has pushed a series into development with franchise creator Christopher Paolini serving as co-showrunner and writer of the project. Paolini will lead a writer's room alongside another co-showrunner. Eragon is the first book in Paolini's The Inheritance Cycle, a series with four novels and a collection of short stories.

When Disney+ launched a few years back, fans of the books launched a sizable #EragonRemake campaign in hopes the streamer would bring it back to life. Paolini himself joined the movement and encourage fans to tweet along.

Eragon will mark the second remake of a beloved Young Adult series that Disney+ has opted to tackle. After a years-long development process, a live-action Percy Jackson and the Olympians series began principal photography earlier this year.

"I hear there have been some wildly unrealistic dates floating around on social media, so I am here to moderate your expectations. Previously, I have said that my own personal best guess was sometime in 2023. I also warned you that this could definitely change," Olympians creator Rick Riordan wrote earlier this year.

He added, "Now that I have a somewhat better understanding of the work involved, here's what I am estimating: It's probably going to take us through December or into January to film all the episodes of season one, which is roughly one month of filming per episode (eight episodes total), though very often we are filming pieces of 101, 102, or even 103 out of order on any given day, depending on what set we are using. That means post-production will begin in early 2023, when the pieces are fitted together, edited and augmented with all the special effects and sound. This process also takes months and months, and that's not even accounting for closed-captioning, subtitling and dubbing into other languages for our international viewers. That takes another army of people to accomplish."

The Eragon flick gorssed $249 million worldwide against a production budget of over $100 million. It has a 16-percent "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Eragon nor Percy Jackson have yet to set a release date.

(H/T Variety).