Dredd TV Series Wants Both Karl Urban and Sylvester Stallone Involved

It's been nearly a decade since Dredd arrived in theaters, and fans have been itching to see the [...]

It's been nearly a decade since Dredd arrived in theaters, and fans have been itching to see the beloved Judge Dredd character return to the screen, in one form or another. It looks like the best possibility of any new Dredd content remains the long-in-development TV series, Mega-City One. It was announced all the way back in 2017 that the series was in the works and, though nothing concrete has come from it, those involved still believe it's going to happen. Of course, if it does, fans will undoubtedly want to see Karl Urban return in some capacity.

Believe it or not, Urban isn't the only former Dredd that the production would like to bring back for Mega-City One. While appearing as a guest on the V2A Emergency Broadcast System YouTube series, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley expressed that the team behind the series still working hard to make it happen, and that they'd like to have Sylvester Stallone involved as well.

"I want there to be a sequel," Kingsley said. "We've got the rights back so we can do it, we've just got to get rid of this virus thing that's going on at the moment, and then hopefully things can kick off in all sorts of different areas of making film and TV. It's all very messed up at the moment for everybody. A lot of work has been done on all sorts of different scripts actually. So Mega-City One the TV show. Basically, we can't go into production because of the [situation] and we've got scripts and everything is ready to go but the problem is, because of the [situation] and everybody's funding changes and everybody's shifting around."

It's at this point that Kingsley is asked about the return of Urban or Olivia Thirlby, who both starred in 2012's Dredd.

"Well if we can get people back, you know, we even joked that it would be quite fun to get Stallone back," he replied.

As you know, Stallone starred as the titular crime-fighter in 1995's Judge Dredd. There's no telling how he could make a return, especially if Urban is also involved, but fans would surely love to see it on-screen nonetheless.

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