Emmys 2022: Succession Wins Outstanding Drama Series

The 2022 Emmy Awards have officially crowned the latest Best Drama Series. On Monday night, during the annual event, the third of HBO's Succession took home the highly-coveted trophy. The category included the sixth season of AMC's Better Call Saul, the second season of HBO's Euphoria, the fourth season of Netflix's Ozark, the first season of Apple TV+'s Severance, the first season of Netflix's Squid Game, the fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things, and the first season of Showtime's Yellowjackets.

In Succession, When Logan Roy (Brian Cox), CEO of one of the world's largest media and entertainment conglomerates, considers retirement, each of his four grown children follows a personal agenda that doesn't always sync with those of their siblings--or of their father. The series also stars Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kiernan Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Nicholas Braun, J. Smith-Cameron, and Alan Ruck. This is the second time the show has won Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys, after taking home the trophy in 2021.

"Awards are so weird," series showrunner Jesse Armstrong said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. "We all want to know how people are receiving our stuff, so they're a signal of that. It's phony to say you're not aware or not thinking about them. On the other hand, they do feel ancillary — there's voting, some politics, who has money to be promoted or not and what gets promoted over what else. There's something a little bit silly or grubby that makes you want to distance yourself from them, is the honest truth, even though they also are lovely, wonderful. It's a nice night. When you see another production that you admire get rewarded, it feels good. And when you see something that you admire that doesn't get rewarded, it feels bad. I would pretend I'm not interested at all in them. But in terms of the pressure, there really is no difference. I mean, we would have been disappointed, I guess, if we hadn't been nominated for any awards, given that we'd been nominated previously. But the level of ambition for the quality of the next season would be utterly the same whether we've received more, or fewer or none. If you're actually doing it for awards, then, again, you have gone round the twist. That really isn't the idea, right?

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