Fear the Walking Dead Recap: What to Know Before Watching “Things Left to Do”

"When the time comes for me to call y'all up for the big show, y'all best be ready." The "big show" that Ginny (Colby Minifie) promised Ranger Strand (Colman Domingo) earlier in Season 6 is here when Ginny has her standoff with Morgan (Lennie James) on Sunday's new Fear the Walking Dead, "Things Left to Do." When Morgan fails to show himself with Ginny's younger sister Dakota (Zoe Colletti) — who murdered his best friend John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) for figuring out a secret Ginny covered up in Season 6 Episode 4, "The Key" — Ginny radios Morgan with a threat and warns "very bad things are about to happen" to his surviving friends.

1. John realized Dakota is the Lawton killer. In "The Door," John uncovers the identity of the mystery killer that escaped him earlier in the season when he figures out that Dakota killed Ranger Cameron (Noah Khyle). To protect her sister, Ginny falsely accused John and Morgan's friend Janis (Holly Curran) of the crime and sentenced her to death-by-walkers.

2. Dakota killed John Dorie. "I can't let you ruin this for me. I can't have you telling people." Fearful that being exposed as a killer will endanger her future in the community Morgan is building away from her sister, Dakota shoots John in the chest and pushes his body into a river.

3. June was the one to find John. The gunslinger succumbs to his wound and washes up on the shore of his cabin, where a reanimated John is found and put down by his new bride June (Jenna Elfman).

4. Virginia wants her sister Dakota back. Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) convinced Morgan to welcome Dakota to their new home in Season 6 Episode 7, "Damage From the Inside." After Dakota kills John, she reveals to Morgan that she saved him when Ginny shot Morgan and left him for dead at Humbug's Gulch: "You're gonna take me to the place you're building. You're gonna let me be a part of it like you were before."

5. Virginia has Strand by her side. Ginny promoted Strand in Season 6 Episode 2, "Welcome to the Club," to organize an army to be ready for "the big show." Even after Ginny revealed she's keeping a pregnant Grace (Karen David) as leverage over Morgan, Strand is acting as a faithful follower so he can cause damage from the inside.

6. Virginia has hostages. Along with the heavily pregnant Grace, Ginny threatens to kill the rest of Morgan's friends — June, Luciana (Danay Garcia), Sarah (Mo Collins), Wes (Colby Hollman), and Daniel (Ruben Blades) — unless he hands over her sister unharmed.


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