Here’s When Fear the Walking Dead Will Solve Its Big Morgan Mystery

Fear the Walking Dead answered how Morgan Jones (Lennie James) survived the cliffhanger that ended [...]

Fear the Walking Dead answered how Morgan Jones (Lennie James) survived the cliffhanger that ended last season, but the who will remain a mystery for a while longer. In Sunday's sixth season premiere, "The End Is the Beginning," Morgan is nursing a gangrenous bullet wound when he tells new ally Isaac (Michael Abbot Jr.) about the mystery person who saved his life at Humbug's Gulch. After Virginia (Colby Minifie) shot him point-blank and left him as walker bait, Morgan saw someone shoot the walkers, but passed out before he could learn their identity. Morgan's rescuer patched him up and left behind a note telling him to "do the same," referring to Morgan's radio message imploring his group of survivors to "just live."

Audiences will "absolutely" learn the identity of this mystery person, tight-lipped showrunner Ian Goldberg told Entertainment Weekly. "That's about all I can say."

Asked to reveal a specific timeframe, Goldberg confirmed answers are coming this season and before the midseason point.

"Actually, I'll go one further. You will find out within the first half of season 6," Goldberg said. "By episode 608, that mystery will be revealed."

The stranger's note, and Morgan's mention of an armed rescuer, suggests a last-minute save from The Walking Dead's Sherry (Christine Evangelista). We know she's in the area — she left a trail of notes bringing husband Dwight (Austin Amelio) west to Texas — and her voice came through over Dwight's walkie talkie just outside Humbug's Gulch. Last season, it was John (Garret Dillahunt) who discovered a scribbled note of Sherry's confessing she shot a man, conceivably with the same gun used to rescue Morgan.

Showrunners Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss have divulged little about Sherry crossing from Walking Dead to Fear, but warned the couple's long-awaited reunion "might not be exactly what they think it is."

It doesn't mean it can't be a great thing," Goldberg said during virtual Comic-Con over the summer, "but they're both different people, and that's a really interesting thing to explore."

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