Fuller House Final Season Makes One Last Joke About Michelle

Throughout the five seasons of Fuller House, Netflix's sequel to beloved sitcom Full House, just [...]

Throughout the five seasons of Fuller House, Netflix's sequel to beloved sitcom Full House, just about every character from the original series has made their way to the modern day follow-up. The only exception, of course, being Michelle, the younger sister of Stephanie and D.J., who was played in tandem by toddler twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House. Fans have long waited for the Olsen twins to appear in Fuller House, but the moment never came. The series did, however, take multiple opportunities to make a joke about Michelle's mysterious absence.

The first season saw the entire cast of Fuller House glare at the camera after it was revealed that Michelle was trying to run a fashion empire. That same self-aware, fourth wall-breaking trend was continued in the final season of the series, which was released just this past week. In the second to last episode, Fuller House let audiences know that Michelle wasn't coming back, delivering one of the funniest jokes of the entire show.

When going through the attic in the house, Kimmy, Stephanie, and D.J. come across Michelle's old bike, which was featured in an episode of the original series. Upon seeing it, Kimmy turns to her two friends and asks, "How long are you going keep Michelle's bike?" She then turns to face the camera and tells the audience, "If she hasn't come for it by now, she isn't coming."

This earned plenty of laughter from the audience, and it will go down as easily the best Michelle joke written into Fuller House.

While speaking to TVLine, Fuller House star Andrea Barber said that all of those jokes about Michelle are made in good fun, and aren't meant as knocks on the Olsen twins.

"Michelle gets at least one little poke per season, so we had to do it one last time," Barber said. "It's not meant to be mean, obviously. It's all good-natured, in good spirits. We poke fun at everybody."

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were invited to reprise their roles on Fuller House on numerous occasions, but they declined the offers.

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All six seasons of Fuller House are currently streaming on Netflix.