Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Never Wants to Play a Character Like Jon Snow Again

Kit Harington played Jon Snow for all eight seasons of the HBO series Game of Thrones and while [...]

Kit Harington played Jon Snow for all eight seasons of the HBO series Game of Thrones and while the character was not only a fan favorite but helped make Harington a household name, don't expect to see the actor grace the screen as a similar type of character again. The actor said in a new interview that it's a character type he doesn't want to play anymore -- and not one the world really needs to see more of.

In an interview with The Telegraph (via Uproxx), Harington spoke about he feels that men have an emotional "blockage" which isn't something he wants to keep portraying in his work.

"I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage, and that blockage has come from the Second World War, passed down from grandfather to father to son," Harington said. "We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it is not masculine. Having portrayed a man who was silent, who was heroic, I feel going forward that is a role I don't want to play anymore. It is not a masculine role that the world needs to see much more of."

Now that Game of Thrones is behind him -- the series ended last May with the series finale remaining very controversial among fans -- Harington is moving on to some characters quite different from Snow. The actor stars in Netflix's UK anthology Criminal's second season. The show's first season featured big names like David Tennant and Hayley Atwell, and the upcoming season is set to feature Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington. The actor known for playing Jon Snow is joined by Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), and Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory).

Harington will star in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Eternals. In that film, Harington will play Dane Whitman/Black Knight. That film is currently scheduled for release on February 12, 2021 though the entertainment industry is still in flux thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Eternals completed filming, something Harington revealed during a fan question and answer session back in May.

"Well [The Eternals] is done, that's filmed," said Harington. "It's just, God knows what happened...or what's going on with it, I have no idea. I don't know what's happening with anything right now."

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