Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Has Had Enough of the Bottle Cap Challenge

The latest viral craze to take over the Internet and social media is already earning some angry detractors. And while people are having fun attempting the bottle cap challenge, others just want to see the fad go away.

For those who aren't clear, the bottle cap challenge consists of people attempting to kick the lids off of various kinds of bottles with finesse and precision. Some of the best show people kicking the tops off of liquor bottles, while the most skilled sees them grazing the cap of a soda top to unscrew the top off.

Despite the impressive physical displays, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has had enough.

During one of her latest flights around the world, the actress pretended to be taking part in the viral craze before simply using her hands to unscrew the top of her miniature wine bottle, chastising people for participating. Whether you support the challenge or think it's dumb, Turner's frustration is pretty hilarious.

Turner has earned a well-deserved break after the last year, so she doesn't have time for these viral shenanigans, apparently. After starring in the final season of Game of Thrones and the final X-Men movie from the Fox era with Dark Phoenix, the actress got married to her longtime flame Joe Jonas in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas, followed by a massive wedding in Paris.


After the year that she's had, let her slide if she gets a bit cranky over people kicking perfectly good bottles for no reason other than the likes.

And that's the tea.