New Game of Thrones: The Last Watch Documentary Is Airing on HBO Tonight

Game of Thrones' final season might officially be in the books, but viewers can still tune in for [...]

Game of Thrones' final season might officially be in the books, but viewers can still tune in for one more look at the landmark series. Tonight, May 26th at 9/8c, HBO will be airing Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, a two-hour documentary that will dive into the making of the eighth and final season.

Per press release, "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch delves deep into the mud and blood to reveal the tears and triumphs involved in the challenge of bringing the fantasy world of Westeros to life in the very real studios, fields, and car-parks of Northern Ireland. The film will also be available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand, and partners' streaming platforms.

"Made with unprecedented access, Game of Thrones: The Last Watch is an up-close and personal report from the trenches of production, following the crew and the cast as they contend with extreme weather, punishing deadlines, and an ever-excited fandom hungry for spoilers. Much more than a 'making of' documentary, this is a funny, heartbreaking story, told with wit and intimacy, about the bittersweet pleasures of what it means to create a world — and then have to say goodbye to it."

Given the passionate - but somewhat divided - response to the final batch of episodes, it will certainly be interesting to see how The Last Watch is received. The eighth season courted a surprising amount of controversy, culminating in over a million fans petitioning to "remake" the episodes.

"Not everyone will be happy," Hempstead-Wright said after the finale. "It's so difficult to finish a series as popular as this without pissing some people off. I don't think anybody will think it's predictable and that's as much as you can hope for. People are going to be angry. There's going to be a lot of broken hearts. It's 'bittersweet,' exactly as [saga author] George R.R. Martin intended. It's a fitting conclusion to this epic saga."

"There's no way for [co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] to have landed this plane in a way that would have made everybody happy and they're not out to make everybody happy," HBO programming president Casey Bloys recently shared. "I think they did a beautiful job. You just have to accept that not everybody is going to agree with the choices. I'm paraphrasing Tim but basically for show this big, and this epic and this sprawling, they [Benioff and Weiss] have to make choices."

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Game of Thrones: The Last Watch will be airing tonight at 9/8c on HBO.