Harley Quinn Animated Movie Discussed by HBO Max Series Showrunners

Harley Quinn fans don't need to be reminded about the wait they had to endure for a third season [...]

Harley Quinn fans don't need to be reminded about the wait they had to endure for a third season renewal of the hit animated series. The news was finally delivered a few weeks ago, with the confirmation that it will be jumping ship from DC Universe and become an HBO Max original. In a new interview, series shorwunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed that in the time between season two's finale and waiting on the third season pick-up, the pair tossed around the idea of an animated film to continue the show in the event that new episodes didn't become a reality.

"When we were waiting for a Season 3 pickup, we were kicking around ideas with the executives over at Warner Bros. Animation about that sort of thing (a movie)," Schumacker told Deadline. "Because we were like, 'Well, we have stories to tell with these characters. We want to continue going with it, and if Season 3 can't happen, maybe we can do something in the feature space, which is sort of independent of a network picking up the show or not.' So, that is something that has been on our [minds]. Right now, we're not planning on it, but it is absolutely something that we would be interested very much in doing down the road."

Knowing that a third season is officially on the way, the pair also opened up about their general plans for the series and how it will work as an inverse to their first season.

"I think in the third season, the general idea we've been talking about…And the room hasn't even started yet. These are just conversations between Dean Lorey, and myself and Patrick. [But] the idea [is], when you've mostly been in toxic and bad relationships your whole life, how do you then be in a good one?" Halpern added. "How does the baggage that you bring from all these other relationships affect the relationship you're in that you really want to work?"

Schumacker also made a comment on when the new season could arrive, saying that a debut at the end of 2021 would be an optimistic timeline.

"I don't know if they've announced the episode order number yet, but let's just say, we're not doing two seasons back to back, like we did," Schumacker added. "That may give us some relief, in the sense that there's not as big of a production load. So, I would say optimistically, we're looking at probably the end of 2021."

Harley Quinn's first two seasons are streaming now on HBO Max.