Harley Quinn Showrunner Addresses Justice League Snyder Cut Joke

One of the most talked-about scenes from the current season of Harley Quinn features two [...]

One of the most talked-about scenes from the current season of Harley Quinn features two characters essentially embodying the stereotype of sexist internet trolls, with one sporting a "Release the Snyder Cut" shirt, a joke that showrunner Patrick Schumacker never thought would make it into the show's final cut but also isn't meant to represent everyone hoping to see Zack Snyder's intended vision for Justice League. The showrunner also noted that he considers himself to be among those who wish to see the Snyder Cut of the film released and has even adorned his Animal Crossing island with a sign proclaiming "Release the Snyder Cut."

"Honestly, I put the shirts in there as an internal joke, and assumed those would never make it into the final cut haha," Schumacker shared during a live Q&A for the episode. "Ultimately these guys were comedic to me because of how deep their toxic fandom ran, (particularly the one guy). And I don't think he's representative of all the Snyder Cut enthusiasts AT ALL. In truth, I had cold feet about keeping the shirts but I'm glad we did at the end of the day, and the Snyder Cut fans' response has been outstanding. Such great sports!"

Some fans of the series were even so excited to see the movement referenced in the episode that they launched a campaign to have the character's shirt made available for sale, with proceeds going to charity.

When a fan went on to ask the showrunner about his own personal stance on the film being released, Schumacker confirmed, "On my island in Animal Crossing, I have a custom sign that reads 'RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT' that you can see when you fly in. I'm for it. I'm a completist who wants to see it released. I want all director cuts to be released."

Schumacker even took to Twitter to share a photo of his island to back up the claim.

Despite Schumacker and the rest of the Release the Snyder Cut movement's passion for its release, it seems doubtful that the cut will ever be released, not only because Warner Bros. has made it quite clear that they have no interest in pursuing its release, but also due to multiple sources close to the project noting that what does exist of the cut is far from being a complete product that is ready to be seen by the general public.

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