Harvey Birdman Returning to Adult Swim

One of Adult Swim's classic flagship series is making a comeback, skewering the current political [...]

One of Adult Swim's classic flagship series is making a comeback, skewering the current political climate with a brand new special.

The former superhero-turned-attorney at law Harvey Birdman will join the White House staff in the half-hour episode titled Harvey Birdman, Attorney General.

Gary Cole will return to voice the title character, who will be working under the newly installed 46th-and-a-half President of the United States, the eccentric eye-patched billionaire Phil Ken Sebben. Stephen Colbert will reprise the role of Sebben, alongside other familiar voices returning for the episode.

This announcement comes hot off the heels of Adult Swim's massive renewal for Rick and Morty.

The original Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law series aired for four seasons from 2001 to 2007, featuring the classic Hanna-Barbera superhero Birdman working at a law firm alongside other characters from the company, including Peter Potamus.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law was one of Adult Swim's first original series, alongside other shows such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, SeaLab 2021, and The Brak Show.

Check out the press release below for more information about the return of Harvey Birdman:

In a stunning announcement, even for this administration, megalomaniac billionaire President Phil Ken Sebben announced today that Harvey Birdman will be this country's next Attorney General.

In his new role, it's up to Harvey Birdman to find a way to remove President Phil Ken Sebben from office, before everyone starts to worry it's more than the ridiculous plot to an animated show.

The proceedings are set for this fall at [adult swim].

Representing Harvey Birdman will be Gary Cole. The spokesperson (literally) for Phil Ken Sebben is Stephen Colbert. Mentok the Mindtaker is represented by John Michael Higgins. Paget Brewster is spokesperson for Birdgirl and Peter Potamus by Chris Edgerly, while X the Eliminator and Black Vulcan will be represented by Peter MacNicol and Phil LaMarr, respectively.

"This is a great day for our country and for no one else," said Erik Richter, co-creator of Harvey Birdman.

"It's funny because it's true. Wait, not funny because it's true." said co-creator Michael Ouweleen.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney General, a new half-hour animated special, is created and executive produced by Ouweleen and Richter, with Richard Ferguson-Hull and Evan Adler also serving as executive producers.

Fan favorite animated series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law aired on Adult Swim for from 2000 – 2007 for four seasons and the new special features the original voice cast.

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