Hawkeye Star Seemingly Teases Comic-Accurate Mask

With more Disney+ series from Marvel Studios heading into active production, it's but a matter of [...]

With more Disney+ series from Marvel Studios heading into active production, it's but a matter of time before Hawkeye reaches that point and begins to roll cameras. In fact, the latest reports seem to suggest the Jeremy Renner-starring series will begin principal photography right after Thanksgiving next week. Now, Renner himself seems to already be at work on the series — and the work potential involves a deep Marvel Comics cut.

Friday, Renner shared a time-lapse video of himself in a hair and makeup trailer getting a full-head cast. Beings the timing is inching closer to that target Hawkeye start date, it stands to reason this is for the upcoming Disney+ series. Better yet, Renner's character would really only receive a head cast for one reason: so the costume department can get to work putting together a mask for the actor without his body in person to try it on and instead, using a mold based on the casting.

When it comes to masks, there are two that stand out. Naturally, there's the classic purple "pointy" mask that character used in his earliest appearances, before ditching it to go completely maskless as in the run from Matt Fraction and David Aja. If that's the case, it's likely the character won't be donning the goofy mask throughout the entire season. Instead, he'd likely use it either in a flashback to his and Barney Barton's carnival days, or it'd be another Halloween-like gag like they appear to be doing with WandaVision.

Then there's the Ultimate Hawkeye look that's been seen in some previous concept art for other features from Marvel Studios. We know Kevin Feige and his team have adapted a few things from Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe, and the character's look there is much more practical. In fact, the Ultimate mask might be the best bet here as it's more aligned with his Ronin persona than the other mask in question.

Hawkeye has yet to set a release date. The next series out from Marvel Studios is WandaVision, which debuts January 15th.

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