Spontaneous Star Hayley Law Really Wants to Play a Superhero, Shares Love for She-Hulk and The Boys

Superhero adaptations have grown to be more popular than ever, with some beloved properties and characters finally set to be adapted into live-action. The roster of characters fans have seen - or are going to see - in the years to come is only growing more diverse and epic, and quite a lot of actors have thrown their hat into the proverbial ring to play some sort of costumed hero. Riverdale and Altered Carbon star Hayley Law is among that list, with the actress and singer tweeting back in August that she "just [wants to] play a superhero". While speaking with Law about her role in the new teen rom-com Spontaneous, ComicBook.com asked if there is a certain character she has in mind to play. As Law revealed, she was definitely interested in playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of She-Hulk, but she also is excited to see Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany take on the role.

"I would do any. I actually love getting this question because I don't think anyone sees me talking about how badly I want to be a superhero," Law revealed. "But I want to be one so bad. As they were casting for She-Hulk, I was like, 'I'll do it.' And then I saw that Tatiana Maslany got it, but she's great. I never thought about her for it, but when I saw she got cast, I was like, 'Oh my God, she's perfect.' She's going to be so good.'

Beyond She-Hulk, Law revealed that she's recently become a fan of Amazon's The Boys -- but that the series is probably too thematically dark for the kind of costumed character she would want to play.

"It's tough. I haven't pinpointed any one, but I want to do anything," Law explained. "I just want to have powers. And I love everything that comes with the role of being a Marvel superhero. I want to inspire kids, and young boys and girls, and I just love all of it. And also I want to get jacked and fly on set. I just love comic books and I just want to do that."

"I just started watching The Boys and I was like, 'Oh yeah, this is dark. I want to do it.' That one's a way scarier, though. I'd rather be a positive superhero than one from The Boys, for sure."


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Spontaneous is now available on Video on Demand.