Krypton Season 3 Breakdown Revealed, With Hawkwoman, Eradicator, and More

Nyssa Vex, the Kryptonian noble-turned-revolutionary played by Wallis Day on Krypton, would have [...]

Nyssa Vex, the Kryptonian noble-turned-revolutionary played by Wallis Day on Krypton, would have been revealed as a Thanagarian and suited up as Hawkwoman in the series' planned third season, according to a new document released on social media by filmmaker Ryan Unicomb, director of a documentary film about the aborted Justice League Mortal movie from Mad Max creator George Miller. Unicomb, who has seen a lengthy treatment put together by the Krypton writers' room for a prospective third season that never came to pass, posted the bullet points on his Instagram account, where he often posts about unrealized, abandoned, or dead media projects.

Some of the elements were already known or rumored, including the involvement of The Omega Men and Hawkwoman (who was originally presented to fans as part of the story all along, when the first details of the show were revealed at Comic Con). Some, like the idea that Nyssa would be Hawkwoman, are new information.

You can see his post here.

For those who can't load the Instagram post in full, here are some of the main points:

  • At the start of the season, Brainiac has been raising Jor-El on Earth for years, grooming him into a perfect weapon.
  • Zod, shaken loose of the effects of the Black Zero, becomes first an aide and later a foe again to Seg and company.
  • Val attempts to reach the man buried inside of Doomsday, in order to somewhat domesticate the beast.
  • Nyssa turns out to have been Thanagarian, not Kryptonian, and her father killed the real Daron Vex and took his place. This is what pushes her toward being Hawkwoman.
  • There's a Rann-Thanagar war subplot, as well as a deadly red Kryptonite-driven virus on Krypton going on.
  • The season ends as Doomsday drags a renegade Eradicator into the Phantom Zone, but Zod emerges with Ursa and Non in tow -- and super powers.

Krypton sees modern-day Earth hero Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) travel back in time to Krypton, shortly before the conception of Jor-El (Superman's father). There, he tracks down Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and tells him that Krypton is about to be destroyed prematurely by a time-traveling villain known as Brainiac, and that they have to prevent it, becuase Seg's grandson will be the greatest hero the universe has ever known.

Also starring Wallis Day, Georgina Campbell, Colin Salmon, and Emmett Scanlan as Lobo, Krypton was a fan- and critical-favorite, but was cancelled after just two seasons on Syfy. Its impressive visuals, elaborate practical sets, and painstaking worldbuilding made it one of the most unique, cinematic, and visually-stunning comic book shows ever made.

Krypton was a big acquisition for DC Universe, since the short-lived streaming service launched just as the series was about to begin its second season, and then acquired Krypton's second season over the summer, not long before DC Universe itself lost all of its video content. Now, DC Universe is a comics-only platform called DC Universe Infinite, while most of the video content originally licensed for DC Universe is either presently homeless, or heading to HBO Max.

The show was expensive, but drew fairly good ratings for Syfy, and there was a lot of enthusiasm. The network even went so far as to order a pilot script based on Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter played by Constantine and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Emmett Scanlan.

Soon, though, both Krypton and Lobo were dead at Syfy. Attempts to revive one or both of them somewhere else seem to have gone nowhere, and Krypton aired what would become its season finale in late 2019.

A part for Cuffe was written in the 2019-2020 "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event on The CW, but was never filmed, since the actor was unable to make it to Vancouver at the time. While it has never been confirmed, it was widely assumed at the time that he was screen testing for the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, where he was reportedly among the final two or three candidates.

"We were actually going to have Cameron play a Kryptonian elder," Crisis showrunner Marc Guggenheim said, "so we could play a little fast and loose with continuity if we had to…When Alura was basically grabbing Kal-El and Lois on Argo, to take them to the ship, we were going to have this Kryptonian elder essentially hologram in with important information about the destruction of the multiverse. So that stuff is actually written!"

In a bit of a rarity for Syfy series, you can also get both seasons of Krypton on Blu-ray.