Crisis on Infinite Earths Showrunner Reveals Cut Krypton Cameo

Crisis on Infinite Earths’ showrunner just revealed that the crossover had a Krypton cameo that [...]

Crisis on Infinite Earths' showrunner just revealed that the crossover had a Krypton cameo that got cut. Marc Guggenheim appeared on the Fake Nerd Podcast to talk about a bunch of Arrowverse stuff. It turns out Cameron Cuffe's Seyg-El was supposed to pop up. Krypton, unfortunately, got canceled, which makes this news an even bigger bummer for fans of the show. Seeing Superman's grandfather jumping in to deliver a line would have created even more cohesion. It's not like Crisis shied away from bringing in almost any DC property that was up for it.

"We were actually going to have Cameron play a Kryptonian elder," Guggenheim explained, "so we could play a little fast and loose with continuity if we had to…When Alura was basically grabbing Kal-El and Lois on Argo, to take them to the ship, we were going to have this Kryptonian elder essentially hologram in with important information about the destruction of the multiverse. So that stuff is actually written!"

Cuffe actually commented about the cameo possibility on Twitter. "A massive congratulations and thank you to [Marc Guggenheim] and all who made "Crisis on Infinite Earths" happen. The work that has gone into these shows for the past 8 years is staggering and without them forging a path, Krypton would never have come to be. I'm sad I wasn't able to put on the 'S' once more and stand alongside some of my heroes. We tried, we wanted to make it happen, but I had already committed to something and we couldn't make it work. It happens in this game. You guys know my love for [DC Comics] is endless and hopefully our paths will cross again....If nothing else, we Els have hope."

The showrunner also expressed some regrets about mentioning a possible Nicolas Cage cameo. That news spread like wildfire and it feels like fans might have been a bit too eager reaching out to potential cameo targets.

"I know I've talked about Nic Cage, but ever since I did that, I've since felt pretty bad," Guggenheim admitted, "because I don't want anyone -- like, let's call him Person X. If we went to Person X and Person X said no, I don't want Person X's Twitter feed blowing up with, 'Why didn't you play the role? Why didn't you appear in Crisis?'"

"Everyone's got their reasons, and for some people, they were legitimately busy," he continued. "For other people, they just had no desire. For other people, they wanted more money than we had to spend. There's a whole host of reasons why various cameos didn't come into being. I don't see any good coming from going into specifics for why those various cameos didn't happen."

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