Kung Fu: Eddie Liu Teases Nicky and Henry's Relationship

In The CW's Kung Fu, Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang) returns home to San Francisco after having spent years away at an isolated monastery in China. While a big part of her return involves reconnecting with her family, she's also looking for the mysterious woman who murdered her Shaolin mentor. That mission turns out to be a mystery all its own and helping her unravel it is Henry Yan (Eddie Liu), a martial arts practitioner and expert on traditional Chinese art and mythology. Henry and Nicky also have a great bit of chemistry and fans of the series are already rooting for the pair to become a couple. Now, Liu teases what's in store for Henry and Nicky, explaining that fans will see their friendship and trust grow as the season progresses.

"The story starts out with Nicky needing a little bit of assistance and a little bit of historical context regarding a weapon," Liu told ComicBook.com. "And Henry is really into this subject. He is a history expert and for him, it is great because it's his historical comic books coming to life. He just so happens to be asked by someone who he is immediately feeling a sense of attraction to. So, what better reason for a guy like Henry to get in on this? And I think what we can expect to see is a genuine sense of friendship and corrupt camaraderie and trust-building between them because they're both invested in this treasure hunt."

Treasure hunt specifically refers to an ancient sword that Nicky is determined to find not only because doing so will mean she’s found her mentor Pei-Ling's (Vanessa Kai) killer Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) but it will keep the powerful weapon out of the wrong hands. It also means that fans will likely get to see more of Henry using his own martial arts skills. Fans got to see a small taste of what Henry is capable of in the series pilot, but as the season unfolds and the adventure continues, Liu said that Henry will be working alongside Nicky a bit more and sometimes even lending a hand when things get challenging.

"Henry is going to be by Nicky's side quite a bit going forward so I think you can expect that, as Nicky gets into some tense situations, that Henry will be available and occasionally lend a hand as well."

Kung Fu airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.