Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot Picked up by the CW

The CW has ordered the revival of Legends of the Hidden Temple, the children's game show that ran [...]

The CW has ordered the revival of Legends of the Hidden Temple, the children's game show that ran on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. The new series will put adults instead of children through their paces as they explore the titular temple. The new series will take the adventures out of the studio and onto a new jungle-themed set. The show will feature the usual teams -- Purple Parrots, Blue Barracudas, Orange Iguanas, Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes, and Green Monkeys -- participating in familiar challenges with difficulty scaled-up for adult contestants. Activities returning in the revival include the moat, the Steps of Knowledge, and the Temple Run.

Olmec, the game's stone-faced co-host, will also return. Dee Bradley Baker voice the character in the original series. It's unclear if Baker, who currently loans his voice to most of the characters in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, will reprise the role.

Inspired by the Indiana Jones movies and Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda games, Nickelodeon ran the original Legends of the Hidden Temple from 1993 through 1995. It remained a mainstay of the network in repeats for years thereafter and returned as a television movie in 2016, with tie-in board games and mobile apps.

The Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot had been set for Quibi before the mobile-exclusive streaming service shut down. Yesterday, a casting notice for adult contestants surfaced online.

"Once again, the gate to Olmec's temple is about to open, but this time it's for grown-ups!" the listing reads. "Doron Ofir Casting is thrilled to announce that for a select few contestants, the journey begins anew. We're calling for brave seekers and fearless competitors who are at least 21 years of age to cross the Moat, ascend the Steps of Knowledge, race through Olmec's temple - avoiding the dreaded Temple Guards - and put their knowledge & fortitude to the test in THE adventure of a lifetime! Teams once again retrieve ancient artifacts and return them to their rightful heir in order to win prizes and all of the glory promised by, LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!

"If you grew up on Legends of the Hidden Temple and dreamed of your own epic Temple Run, it's time to live that dream! Seeking teams of two who are able to be in the Los Angeles area during the month of July, who work well together and want to prove they have what it takes. Legends super-fans are a plus! Are you and a friend ready to become Legends? The choice is yours, and yours alone. Apply now, and LETS ROCK!"

The CW did not announce a premiere date for the series.