Star Wars: How Dee Bradley Baker Balances All The Bad Batch Characters


In Star Wars: The Bad Batch the series focuses on a unique, special-ops Clone Trooper unit with irregularities compared to the other Clones that are wandering around the Republic. Naturally voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, who has voiced the clone troopers for over a decade now, voices all five of the characters in The Bad Batch. Hunter, Crosshairs, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker all have their own position within the group and speaking with in a new interview, Baker opened up to us about how his special group of soldiers are thrown for a loop in the new series thanks to a new addition while also balancing one of the most tenuous moments in the Star Wars franchise.

"Well, this very improvisational group of the Bad Batch is now asked to improvise on a level that's far more profound than they've ever been asked to," Baker said. "And so, they're actually uniquely suited to be able to move through the tectonic changes that are happening in the aftermath of Order 66. Hunter is the leader of the group, and he's always more careful and thoughtful and even keel in what he has to respond to. On top of that, you've thrown this group of specialists, this outsider group of specialists, you've also thrown a new character in, this this gal, Omega.

He continued, "They don't know exactly what her capacities or what her story is. And no one really wants to have a kid along on this. So it completely throws their dynamic up into the air and they have to deal with that as well, which actually makes it a much more interesting story, I think. It's not just a combat story or even a survival story. It's also a matter of how do we all get through this with a child? That adds stakes that really up the game of what's playing out in this really fraught moment in the Star Wars story."

Another major set of characters that Baker voices in the Star Wars universe are the star-crossed lovers of Frog Lady and Frog Man from The Mandalorian. We also asked him where he hopes those two have found themselves after their journey seen in the second season of the series.

"I hope that Frog Man and Frog Lady, they found themselves a nice little pond and just are having a very peaceful time, because they went through a very dramatic, fraught process of trying to keep those eggs safe and not eaten. And I just, I wish them peace."


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