Legends of Tomorrow Star Wants to See More of Constantine's Relationship With King Shark

It was one of the more interesting and surprising moments in DC's animated movie Justice League [...]

It was one of the more interesting and surprising moments in DC's animated movie Justice League Dark: Apokolips War when it was revealed that John Constantine had an intimate relationship with King Shark. In the film, it's revealed that Constantine and King Shark once dated, but have sense broken up and while it's something that has thus far only factored into that animated film, DC's Legends of Tomorrow actor Matt Ryan would like to see more of the relationship -- perhaps even explored in The CW series.

During the show's panel as part of Wizard World's virtual convention this past weekend (via Screen Rant), Ryan -- who not only plays Constantine on The CW series but voices him in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War as well -- said that the character from the DC Universe he'd like to see appear on Legends was none other than King Shark because he thinks it would be "funny".

"King Shark," Ryan said. "Only because, it might not connect, but in the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War animation, John Constantine turns around and says he had a relationship with King Shark, and I just think that's so funny."

King Shark on Legends is actually something that isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. In terms of The CW's Arrowverse, King Shark was first introduced on The Flash in Season 2 having been brought to Earth-1 from Earth-2 by Zoom. He's later seen in Season 5 where he's given the metahuman cure and returned back to his human form -- Shay Lamden -- but ultimately ends up changing back into the King Shark form in order to stop Gorilla Grodd from controlling Central City. It's unclear what the character's status is following the events of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," but anything is possible, something that's especially true for Legends with that series frequently leaning into the decidedly wackier side of things.

This isn't the only time that Ryan has mentioned the Constantine/King Shark relationship being amusing, either. Earlier this year, he explained that he "guffawed" when he first read the moment for Apokolips War.

"What's funny is we all love John Constantine and we love him for being who he is: a working-class, blue-collar street magician with a crass tongue and a sharp wit... and he just might leave you dead. But on the original TV show, we caught a stink from some people about him not being bisexual. But what was interesting was we hadn't gotten that far in the time frame we were given. So, who's to say we wouldn't have?" Ryan said at the time. "In [DC's Legends of Tomorrow], then, he's obviously bisexual and, with King Shark, he's obviously 'bi-special.' So, Constantine is the most open, liberated person on the planet. I don't know the logistics of how that works but I just guffawed when I was reading it. I was like, 'Oh, that's brilliant!"

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return in 2021.

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