Lost Creator Still Refuses to Answer One of the Series' Biggest Mysteries

May marked ten years since the series finale of Lost aired, so the show's co-creator has been answering some questions about the series in various interviews and panels. In fact, Damon Lindelof recently revealed that he regrets amplifying the voices of those who disliked the ending. During NYCC (via The Wrap), Lindelof shared that there are still some unanswered Lost mysteries he refuses to answer. During a panel, Lindelof was asked about the whispers that were often heard on the island and whether they were related to “the Others." He ended up suggesting that there is a connection between the voices and the elusive smoke monster. However, Lindelof still refuses to offer up the identities of the mysterious opponents in the outrigger chase.

“The monster was kind of a quasi-ghost in the sense that it could take the form of the dead as it was reflected by the individuals that it was trying to ensnare, assault, intimidate, recruit, whatever,” Lindelof explained. “So, Jack saw his dad and Eko saw Yemi and so on — and Shannon saw Walt — so the fact that Ben Linus could control the monster and that the monster was in some way responsible for the whispers as well. So the idea is that the whispers is sometimes the monster, sometimes the actual ghosts of the island, and sometimes just a horrific story problem that we were trying to weasel our way out of.”

“That, we will take to our graves,” Lindelof said of the outrigger chase. “I will say, we did write the scene. We wrote the scene that answered the question. And other people outside of our writers' room have seen the scene and been sworn to secrecy. So should Carlton [Cuse] and I die…those individuals can come forward and say, ‘Now, that they are dead, I will tell you who is on the outrigger.’ But we will maintain our personal integrity.”

Here's what Lindelof said last month about amplifying the voices of those who disliked the ending:


"I didn’t invent the narrative that the finale was empirically bad, but I amplified it," Lindelof explained. "The fact that people feel the need to say to me, 'Hey, I actually kind of liked the way that it ended.' Or the expectation some people have that 'I have to know going in that the ending is going to be disappointing.' The fact that I told people what to think about Lost is a big regret that I have."

All six seasons of Lost are currently available to stream on Hulu.