Mandy Moore Reveals 'This Is Us' Series Ending Will Be 'Satisfying' for Viewers

Even though the This Is Us series finale is likely years away, Mandy Moore said she is among the [...]

Even though the This Is Us series finale is likely years away, Mandy Moore said she is among the select few who know how the series will end. While she didn't divulge any specifics or spoilers, the actress said she thinks viewers of the NBC drama will be satisfied by how the series eventually ends.

"I think the ending will be very satisfying for people," Moore, 34, said on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live after telling host Kimmel that This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told her how the series will ultimately come to a close.

"I think it's very true to what the show evokes from all of us. People will feel their feelings," she said.

Revealing that the cast has already filmed some scenes for the series finale, Moore said that they did so in order to capture the cast as they are now, rather than waiting a few years.

"I think just the nature of our show and the trajectory is that … you know, people are certain ages now, and perhaps they're just going to keep getting older. So [we are] capturing content in the can now," she said.

Even though there's no set end date for the series, Moore assured viewers Fogelman has a general idea of how he wants the series to end.

"There's no predetermined end date, but … I think [Fogelman] has an idea in his mind of when he sort of sees the story ending and he knows how it ends, which makes me feel good as an actor and as a viewer. He knows where the story is heading," she said.

Moore and her co-stars, including Emmy-nominated Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown, began shooting season 3 a few weeks ago. Fogelman shared a photo of the first scene that was shot in Randall's kitchen. Days later, he celebrated the show's five Emmy Award nominations, including best drama series.

"Sending congrats to our entire #ThisIsUs fam on the Emmy nods. The individuals and the collective!" he tweeted at the time. "Dusting off the tux and starting intermittent fasting, whatever that is."

Brown has also praised Fogelman for his vision for the drama. In April, he told Entertainment Weekly that fans shouldn't worry about the show going off track eventually.

"Fogelman has a very keen understanding of what the beginning, middle, and end of our show is, and that's important because he often likens our show to Lost in terms of its structure," Brown said at the time.

Season 3 of This Is Us premieres Sept. 25 on NBC.