NBC's Manifest Cast Pushing Fans To SaveManifest

Manifest fans were shocked to hear that NBC canceled the series after three seasons concluding [...]

Manifest fans were shocked to hear that NBC canceled the series after three seasons concluding with a cliffhanger. Now the cast and creator of the show are trying to save it by finding it a new home, and they want fans' help. It started with creator Jeff Rake, who took to Twitter to say that he was "devastated by NBC's decision to cancel us. That we've been shut down in the middle s a gut punch to say the least." He went on to say that he's "Hoping to find a new home." because "You the fans deserve an ending to your story." He concluded with the hashtag "#savemanifest"

Manifest debuted on Netflix the number one TV show on the streaming service's daily list of most-watched shows. That's giving fans hope that a streaming service or another network might pick the show up. Hoping to show there's an audience, cast members are galvanizing fans to tweet support using the #savemanifest hashtag. Here are some of those please:

Warner Bros. Television and Universal television produce Manifest. Rake created the series with a six-season plan. It premiered in September 2018 and follows the passengers and crew of a commercial flight that went missing, with all on board presumed dead, for five years. The passengers attempt to rejoin their old lives but soon find that they and their loved ones aren't the same as they were. Things only get more difficult as they begin to see flashes of the future that they refer to as "callings."

The Manifest cast includes Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, Matt Long, and Holly Taylor. Recurring characters include Alfredo Narciso, Victoria Cartagena, Adriane Lenox, Daniel Sunjata, Francesca Faridany, Shirley Rumierk, Elizabeth Marvel, Maryann Plunkett, Ellen Tamaki, and Garrett Wareing. Rake executive produces the series with Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, David Frankel, Joe Chappelle, and Len Goldstein. Cathy Frank, Laura Putney, Margaret Easley, Harvey Waldman, and Marta Gené Camps produce.

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