Mark Ruffalo Confirms Parasite TV Series Rumors

The Academy Awards took place last month and South Korea's Parasite was the big winner, earning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Foreign Language Film. Unsurprisingly, there are already talks of an American remake. Shortly after the film started getting serious Oscars buzz, HBO announced it was developing a limited series based on the feature. Director Bong Joon-ho and Adam McKay are signed on as executive producers, and the series is said to take place between the two time periods in the movie. Last month, reports surfaced suggesting Avengers star Mark Ruffalo was being circled as a series lead. Ruffalo is currently in Chicago for C2E2 and he's revealed a lot of exciting information during his panel.'s Jenna Anderson was in attendance for the event and learned Ruffalo is, in fact, in talks to star in the upcoming series.

"We've met. I love him [Bong Joon-ho], I love that movie," Ruffalo shared. "I might be playing the father in Parasite on a television show. I would love to do it. We're sort of waiting on the script and all that, but yeah, that's pretty much true and in the works." This isn't the first time Ruffalo has addressed the Parasite rumors. TMZ caught up with the actor at LAX after the Oscars and got his reaction to the news.

"That'd be amazing," Ruffalo told the paparazzi site. "He's [Bong] amazing. I love him. His speech last night was incredible he made an amazing movie and I'd be honored to be able to play something in that. It's so beautiful. You know how it is nowadays, nothing's done until it's done but maybe one day. It'd be cool to be a part of."

Bong had previously said he had plenty of "key ideas" in mind should any more opportunities arise. "I had all these key ideas accumulated from when I started writing the script," Oscar-winner previously told TheWrap. "I just couldn't include all those ideas in the two-hour running time of the film, so they're all stored in my iPad and my goal with this limited series is to create a six-hour-long film."

He added, "For example when the original housekeeper Mun Gwang (Lee Jung Eun) comes back in the late-night, something happened to her face. Even her husband asked about it but she never answered," Bong said of the film. "I know why she had the bruises on her face. I have a story for that and aside from that why does she know the existence of this bunker? What relationship does she have with that architect to know of this bunker? So I have all these hidden stories that I have stored."

The movie Parasite is now available for home viewing and will be coming to Hulu in April.