Marvel Reveals Truth Behind WandaVision's Sokovian Lullaby

Full spoilers for WandaVision below! The most recent episode of Marvel Studios' new Disney+ series [...]

Full spoilers for WandaVision below! The most recent episode of Marvel Studios' new Disney+ series featured some major developments for the titular heroes as they very suddenly welcomed two children, Billy and Tommy, into the world. It featured the return of another long thought extinct part of the MCU, Wanda's Sokovian accent. Her accent made its return as she serenaded her children with a traditional Sokovian lullaby. Marvel has now revealed a full translation of the song which was written by WandaVision head writer and executive producer Jac Schaefferand translated into Sokovian by WandaVision's language coach, Courtney Young.

"It's not about the larger mystery of the show," Schaeffer explained. "In my mind, at the time, it was like a sincere version of a TV sitcom theme song, like a real heartfelt one in her native language. The last part about the sunshine…. This is cheesy but I'm going to tell you, there was a song in my prenatal fitness class that was very woo-woo; that [last line references] the longtime sun that we would sing [about]. It was my first baby and I would sing it to him, so that's just a little thing for my own kid."

Read the lyrics and the translation below, there's even official sheet music for those so inclined to learn to play it!

"Sokovian Lullaby"
We've been waiting for you
'tie mi t͡ʃaˈjaɫəm
Now you are here
ˈʃiɪdeŋ ˈti e ˈʃte
More perfect than I imagined
ˈdrage wo t͡sto ˈmisliɫəm
Our house is now a home (our house is now a nest)
ˈdom naʃ ˈʃiɪdeŋ ˈgnieʒdo
No matter where you go
bez veˈdeɪ̆ doˈkude ˈjit͡ʃiʃ
Sunlight shines on you
ˈʃiʒa ˈsunt͡so nad tiˈe

sokovian lullaby wandavision
(Photo: MARVEL)

The fourth episode of the series is set to premiere in a matter of hours and based on the teaser clip that's been released it seems like we'll be getting a closer look at life outside of Wanda and Vision's new home town of Westview. Randall Park's Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis both will seemingly reprise their MCU roles in the episode.

WandaVision's first three episodes are now streaming on Disney+ with new episodes dropping on Friday mornings at 3 AM EST / 12 AM PT. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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