Marvel's What If? Release Month Reportedly Revealed

Marvel's What If....? animated series will reportedly be coming in August. As 2021 summer previews [...]

Marvel's What If....? animated series will reportedly be coming in August. As 2021 summer previews for television and movies start to be released, big trades seem to have the inside track on when certain projects could be dropping. Such is the case with EW, which has "Marvel Studios' What If...?" listed with "August, Disney+" marked down as its release date. There hasn't been any firm release date window established for What If...? prior to this, although rumor and speculation have pointed toward Q3 (late summer or early fall) being a likely window for the show's premiere.

Marvel What If Premiering August 2021 EW Article
(Photo: EW)

What If...? is the Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics anthology series. The entire premise is that The Watcher (the cosmic being(s) who watches the various realities of the Marvel Universe) shares stories from across the multiverse, wherein the origin and/or stories of various heroes and villains play out in vastly different ways than the traditional canon. It was a self-contained place for comic book creative teams to run wild with concepts and ideas that would never fit into the main canon of Marvel Comics.

The thing that makes this What If...? animated series exciting for MCU fans is the fact that it will feature voice work by actual stars of the franchise - including the late Chadwick Boseman in some final performances as... Star-Lord, T'Challa? Such is the fun of What If...? In addition to a remix of T'Challa's story; see Peggy Carter become Captain America (while Steve Rogers takes the Iron Man mantle); Gamora become the Mad Titan instead of Thanos, and a version of the Marvel Zombies franchise.

Given the current slate of Marvel Studios TV and movie projects, releasing What If...? in August makes a lot of sense. If you need a reminder: Loki will premiere on Disney+ in June and will run into July, where Black Widow will act as a bridge, releasing in theaters and on the Disney+ Premiere Access service. After that, What If...? will give fans a late-summer bump to keep them going until Marvel Movies burst back into theaters full-tilt, with Shang-Chi in September, Eternals in November, and Spider-Man: No Way Home in December.

Still waiting on official release dates are the Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, which are both expected to premiere in 2021, as well. No official word on when we'll see them, but with What If...? in August, and the movie schedule being what it is, it wouldn't be surprising to see Hawkeye arrive in October and Ms. Marvel drop as an end-of-year Christmas present (or vice versa).

Look for Marvel's What If...? to drop on Disney+ in August.