Oscar Isaac Debuts As Moon Knight in Epic Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

Slowly but surely, more details surrounding the production of Moon Knight continue to surface. We [...]

Slowly but surely, more details surrounding the production of Moon Knight continue to surface. We know the series has a director and cinematographer attached, and we know Oscar Isaac is being eyed for the lead role of Marc Spector. In lieu of any kind of official marketing from Marvel Studios, one eager fan has taken it upon themselves to craft an epic fan-made teaser trailer featuring Isaac in the lead role.

Piecing together clips and audio from dozens of features — several of which feature Isaac — YouTuber Solyent Brak 1 is able to craft a solid clip that could easily pass as a big-budget teaser trailer. In addition to using pieces of a previously-made Moon Knight fan film, the clip also introduces Annabelle Wallis as Marlene and The Boys' Tomer Kapon as Frenchie.

If you look even closer, Guardians of the Galaxy star Djimon Hounsou can be seen as if he's portraying Raoul Bushman while Josh Hartnett's in the teaser as Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night. See it all for yourself above.

As of now, the series is expected to begin filming in the early parts of 2021 in Budapest. Previous reports suggest Gregory Middleton has been hired as the show's cinematographer, previously earning credits on American Woman, A Babysitters Guide To Monster Hunting, and Watchmen. Marvel Studios has also hired Morbius production designer Stefania Celia in the same role.

Though Moon Knight will reside on Disney+, Blade star Mahershala Ali has teased the Kevin Feige-led outfit has shown willingness to start going to much darker corners of the MCU.

"Since they were having conversations about bringing it back into being, I just wanted to be considered for it because I had definitely a connection, at least in my mind, to Wesley Snipes going back to high school," the Luke Cage alum said in a recent interview. "People use to joke and say that we looked alike and all this stuff. Sometimes people try to throw a little dig on you, they call me his character name. They call me Shadow from [Spike Lee jazz drama] Mo' Better Blues or whatever, right?"

Ali added, "I just brought it up as someone who really wanted to take on that [Blade] role and tackle that." On what drew him to the Marvel Comics character, he said, "I love that it's darker. That's all in terms of tone. He's a little bit darker than some of the other ones and so that element was attractive to me."

Moon Knight has yet to set a release date.

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