Netflix Cancels Comedy Series After One Season

Another show is done at Netflix. Friday afternoon, the streamer sent Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! to [...]

Another show is done at Netflix. Friday afternoon, the streamer sent Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! to the chopping block, a multi-cam comedy starring Jamie Foxx. Based on his relationship with his daughter Corinne, Foxx also produced the project alongside Alex Avant (NCIS). It released its first batch of eight episodes on April 14th, and will now quietly float into the night.

According to Deadline, Foxx himself was involved in the decision to cancel the series. The actor still has a flourishing relationship with the streamer, with two more feature films on the way in the coming months — They Cloned Tyrone and Day Shift. Foxx is credited as co-creator of the series alongside veteran sitcom scribe Jim Patterson, who also created The Ranch for the platform. Patterson eventually stepped down from showrunner duties before cameras began to roll, being replaced by director Bentley Kyle Evans.

Earlier this month, Netflix exec Bela Bajaria defended the streamer's stance on frequent cancellations, suggesting the company's 67-percent renewal rate is the norm across Hollywood.

"If you look at season twos and more, we actually have a renewal rate of 67%, which is industry standard," Bajaria, Netflix's head of Global TV, said at the time. "We also do make a large amount of first season shows, which sometimes feels that we have more first season cancellations but if you look at the renewal rate it's really strong. I also think you have to look at The Crown, with season four launching now, Grace & Frankie and The Ranch, we've had long running shows and we're always going to have a mix that are great to be told in a limited series form and shows that go on for multiple seasons."

Bajaria's comments were a bit different from those previously said by Netflix co-chief Ted Sarandos.

"It seems like in this new age of television, the business model is a little different," Sarandos said elsewhere. "The things that marked success prior to Netflix and OTT really had been getting to syndication, that was the goal and anything that didn't get to 100 episodes or past the four seasons didn't feel like a success, whereas I think many shows can be a success for being exactly what they are and you could tell that story in two seasons or one season or five seasons. I think it gets talked about so much because it's measured against the old way of doing things."

The first season of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is now streaming on Netflix.