Netflix Adding Two Classic Nickelodeon Shows Very Soon

A couple of Nickelodeon classics are making their way to Netflix soon. On Twitter, the streaming giant told fans to be on the lookout for Kenan & Kel, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and All That on June 21st. Now, that might thrill some viewers who haven't been able to get their nostalgic fix online. (Most of these titles are currently streaming on Paramount+ if you can't wait that long!) Not that long ago, these kinds of cultural touchstones would have required a cable subscription and teen nick to view. But, now, with the era of streaming open wide, the opportunity is yours for the taking. All That came first as a sort of kids' answer to Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. Then Kenan & Kel became an inseparable duo. For later period Nickelodeon fans, Ned's guide to getting through school was a 2000s-era treasure. Check out their tweet down below.

Fans of these old-school Nick shows might be interested in some other nostalgic favorites. Mighty Ducks: Game Changers would definitely fit the bill. In fact, Kenan was supposed to pop up in Season 1. But, they couldn't navigate his busy schedule. (The man has his own sitcom on NBC and Saturday Night Live to be dealing with.) So, the fans are hoping for even more as the show goes along.

Creator Steven Brill wanted to have the entire Ducks team back in the fold for the series. So, the groundwork is there for Season 2 to introduce the original players in small roles. Brill would like to see actors like Josh Jackson return to the show this time around.

"Yeah. I know the story. We know the story. You just never know, is Josh Jackson going to be able to show up next year if we write it? I hope," Brill explained to "I'd do anything to work with him again. But the character, yeah, we didn't get to explore it deeply in this season, but, I think, as and if we go on, for sure, I want to explore what happened with him and Gordon and with his mom, and does Gordon Bombay have a child? Do we even know that answer? And what happened to his law degree? And all these different questions that we want to get to."

Will you be checking out these Nick favorites on Netflix? Let us know down in the comments!