Netflix Party Mode Returns Thanks to This Chrome Extension

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 coronvirus pandemic, most sensible people in the United [...]

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 coronvirus pandemic, most sensible people in the United States have taken to isolating themselves in their homes so as not to contract or further spread the virus. Many are passing the time in their quarantines by watching streaming services, but with the CDC advising against gatherings of multiple people then viewing parties aren't on the table anymore. Lucky for people interested in watching Netflix with their friends the "Netflix Party" plugin can be installed on Google Chrome browsers ands allows for synced up Netflix viewing parties around the world, complete with a chat box!

First we should note that this plugin is not officially from Netflix and does require each participant to have their own Netflix login. To get started, visit the Netflix Party website and install the plugin (again, a Google Chrome exclusive plugin), simple as that! From there, go to Netflix via Chrome and pick what you want to start watching and play the video, then click the "NP" plugin button on the address bar and then "Start Party" to generate a URL for your viewing mates. Then distribute the URL to them which will bring them to Netflix where they should then click the "NP" button again to join the party.

In the parties, users will be able to fully customize the event with user icons, nicknames, emojis, GIFs, and a chat box to talk about the program. The plugin will maintain the fidelity of the video quality and stay synced up across all party members, even allowing for simultaneous pausing and un-pausing.

Since this plugin isn't officially sanctioned by Netflix there may be some worry that it could get taken down, especially with its surge in popularity as the world practices self-quarantining, but the app has been available since 2016 so the likelihood of a sudden shutdown (which doesn't break any Netflix rules, promote account sharing, or illegally use trademarks) seems unlikely.

Though there is plenty of content readily available on Netflix already, and still a lot originally content already in the post-production phase that will roll out throughout the year, the streaming service has pressed the pause button on production of all their original series and films. High profile shows like Stranger Things have suspended production in the wake of the coronavirus' spread, with the set of season 2 of The Witcher undergoing a deep cleaning process after a cast member tested positive for the virus.