Netflix Testing TV Episode Shuffle Feature

The process of binging has been made easy by Netflix over the years, as the service has long been home to popular sitcoms like Friends, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. All of these shows have gained an even bigger following than they had when they aired thanks to Netflix, with younger generations that didn't get to see them air live being introduced to them for the first time. Once the binge is over, however, and you want to casually watch episodes of these popular shows, you have no choice but to just start from the beginning or select each episode one-by-one. That could be changing very soon.

Netflix has been reportedly testing a shuffle feature for its TV shows for some time, which would allow users to simply click play and watch episodes of their favorite show at random. Finally, it appears as though those tests are moving forward ever so slightly. According to Android Police, the Netflix app on Android is slowly getting access to the new feature.

On the Android device observed by Android Police, new options have appeared for TV shows currently sitting in the "Continue Watching" queue. When you click the three dots on the side of the title, a few different prompts appear on the screen. One of these is "Play Random Episode."

Also in this new menu is the option to remove a show or movie from your "Continue Watching" list. If Netflix just won't drop something from your list or if you don't want the other users on your account to know you've been binging through your favorite guilty pleasure show for the third time, this gives you the option to remove it from the row entirely.


There are plenty of new options in this menu, but the most popular amongst users will likely turn out to be the shuffle. This is a feature that people have been asking for for some time now, and it looks as though Netflix is finally making the change.

Would you like to see a shuffle feature on Netflix in the near future? Let us know in the comments!