Olympics: Dwayne Johnson Hypes Team USA With Amazing Intro

Dwayne Johnson was on hand to hype Team USA up at the beginning of The Olympics. Yes, the games [...]

Dwayne Johnson was on hand to hype Team USA up at the beginning of The Olympics. Yes, the games are going on in Tokyo and a lot of people are tuning into the spectacle. With everything else going on in the world, The Great One stepped to the mic for NBC to deliver an "electrifying" tribute to the people representing the United States in athletic contests. Before the athletes even hit the arena, there was the live pre-recorded message from the former WWE Champion talking about the sacrifices these individuals had to make to get to this point. The Opening Ceremony is nothing short of a massive spectacle, and this year delivered that in spite of all the other elements of these games that are off-kilter. With COVID-19 rising in Japan to the point of their government having to put a State of Emergency in place, all of the countries involved hope that their citizens can have a good time absorbing these masterful performances. This is the pinnacle of a lot of these athletes' sporting careers.

"Right now some of the very best athletes in all of America are gathered underneath the stadium where the show you've been watching has been taking place," Johnson said. "But in a matter of moments, everything changes. The longest wait of their lives is over and the culmination of their blood, sweat, and tears finally arrives."

The Rock added, "It's not easy to bring the entire planet together, and it certainly wasn't easy tonight, but here we are. Tonight we are all so lucky to witness the hardest workers in the room; the athletes who are a brilliant tapestry of talent, commitment, and drive. And now what was once considered unthinkable one year ago is a glorious reality. We come together united to celebrate the Olympians who exemplify the very best in all of us."

"They're kids from Minneapolis, Raleigh, and Honolulu. They're working moms with unfinished business. They're barrier breakers who've proven the power of their platform. And they're teams who have dominated for generations with no intention of changing the script for this one," Johnson continued. "These awe-inspiring, multi-talented athletes are taking on the world. They really are the best of us. They're bringing us together and they're about to bring you, at long last, the greatest two-week spectacle the world has ever seen… It is their Games. It is our Games. Ladies and gentleman, I am so grateful in having the honor to present to you, Team USA."

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