Only Murders in the Building Brings Beloved Guest Star Back for Season 3

Tina Fey's Cinda Canning finally makes her return in the fourth episode of Only Murders in the Building's new season.

The trio of Charles, Oliver, and Mabel have been at the forefront of the story in Only Murders in the Building Season 3, once again investigating a potential homicide that occurred in their building. They haven't been diving as deep into their podcasting ways was they did in previous seasons, but that could change with the return of one of the show's most popular recurring characters. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Only Murders in the Building...

After being unsuccessfully framed for murder in Season 2, it felt like Cinda Canning's story might have come to an end. Fortunately for all of us, that wasn't the cast. Tina Fey's rude and hilarious podcasting foil is back on Only Murders. In this week's new episode, Cinda is seen podcasting once again, trying to earn back the trust of her listeners after a year out of the spotlight. 

(Photo: Hulu)

"One of the smaller themes of the season is 'What is legitimacy?' and [Cinda's return] fit well into that theme," showrunner John Hoffman told TVLine in a recent interview. "She has her own challenges after what happened last season and has to rebrand. Obviously, it's working for her on some level to be quote-unquote honest about what she has gone through – to stop and pause and do the therapy, and then help people understand where she is and continue to help them [through true crime]. It's 'selfless' now. But of course, we know Cinda."

As the episode goes on, viewers learn that Cinda clearly has something up her sleeve. Not only is she trying to get back in the murder business, but she's also been trying to convince Mabel to work with her. Mabel is struggling with money, knowing she has to move out of her aunt's apartment soon. Cinda offers her quite a lot of it to work together on the Ben Glenroy case. That would solve a lot of her problems, but it would also force her to leave Charles and Oliver behind.

"For Mabel, there's a temptation," Hoffman said. "The guys are very distracted at the moment, and she feels more compelled than any one of the trio to solve this case. She's the one feeling the most pressure to activate and do something, and Cinda is the one [making her an offer]."

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