Outlander Renewed for Season 7

Production on the sixth season of Starz's hit series Outlander has only just begun, but fans of [...]

Production on the sixth season of Starz's hit series Outlander has only just begun, but fans of the historical drama based on the beloved novel series by Diana Gabaldon already have more to look forward to. Outlander has been renewed for Season 7 (via TVLine) with the seventh season of the series set to consist of 12 episodes based upon Gabaldon's novel An Echo in the Bone, which will see the further adventures of Brianna "Bree" MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton) and her husband Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) in the 20th century as well as Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in the 18th century.

In February, production on the series' sixth season officially began in Scotland. The series was renewed for that sixth season back in May of 2018 and concluded its fifth season in 2020. However, production on season six was delayed due to COVID-19. The return to production comes with protective measures against the illness, something that offered new challenges.

"The cast and the crew, and I think even the fans, were very excited to get right into Season 6. And then we decided to hit the brakes," series executive producer Matthew B. Roberts told Elle.

Opening up about the challenges of filming during the pandemic, Roberts added: "I don't know how to write 'COVID-friendly scenes,' certainly not an Outlander scene, because we are going to have people next to each other, being emotional—you talk close to people, and that's where it transfers COVID. We had to figure out, how do we keep Outlander, Outlander? So we wrote the scripts [as originally intended] and dove in with production: Our producer in the U.K., Guy Tannahill, and our new production designer, Mike Gunn, and our staff over there who have worked on Outlander for a long time. We said, 'Okay, this scene can't happen like this. If we did this, this, and this, then we can make it happen.'"

"Every year, Outlander has a big event and we're still planning that event," Roberts added. "We'll film [the background extras] at a separate time, [then] put it all together in post, and it's seamless. We have a really amazing visual effects team, and I have full faith in their abilities to do that. We're actually pretty experienced with it because many of the Alamance battle scenes had digital people in them. We added to the crowd and to the battle numbers with digital soldiers and conflicts in the background in post, and I don't hear a lot of people talking about it. When no one notices a visual effect, that's a good thing."

At this point, Season 6 of Outlander does not yet have a release date.

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