Paddington Bear Returning In New Nickelodeon TV Series

The adorable bear known as Paddington is returning to the screen thanks to a new animated show on [...]

The adorable bear known as Paddington is returning to the screen thanks to a new animated show on Nickelodeon. The new preschool series is titled The Adventures of Paddington, and as you can see below, the beloved character has never looked more adorable. The CG animated series has been picked up for 26 episodes and will debut in the U.S. on Monday, January 20th at 12:30 pm ET/PT. The show will focus on a younger Paddington who writes letters to Aunt Lucy, letters that celebrate the new things he has discovered through his exciting daily activities, though that's not the first time you can get a look at the upcoming show.

Nickelodeon will be airing a holiday presentation of an episode titled Paddington Finds a Pigeon/Paddington and the Chores List, which will air on Friday, December 20th at 12:30 pm ET/PT time. That episode will have Paddington helping an injured bird and nursing him back to health, discovering a new friend in the process who goes by the name of Pigeonton. In the second part of the episode, Mr. Brown creates a list of chores for Paddington, but Paddington picks up the wrong list, and thus hijinks ensue.

As for the premiere on January 20th, the episode is titled Paddington Finds a Hobby/Paddington and the Stamp, and features Mr. Brown attempting to help Paddington to find a hobby by helping him try and find out what he's good at. The second part of the episode features Paddington getting his arm stuck in a mailbox while sending a letter to Aunt Lucy.

(Photo: Nickelodeon)

The Adventures of Paddington is directed by Adam Shaw and Chris Drew of BlueZoo (Go Jetters, Digby Dragon, Miffy, Q Pootle 5), and developed for television and written by Jon Foster and James Lamont (The Amazing World of Gumball, Cuckoo, Paddington 1 & 2). The series features Ben Whishaw reprising his role as Paddington and also features Morwenna Banks, Bobby Beynon, Sheena Bhattessa, Darren Boyd, Noel Clarke, Phyllis Logan, Monica Lopera, Sabrina Newton-Fisher, David Schofield, Reece Shearsmith, Liz Sutherland-Liim, and Jeremiah Waysome.

The show will also have a brand new theme song titled Paddington Bear written and performed by Gary Barlow.

You can get your first look at The Adventures of Paddington in the image above, and you can check out the show for yourself when it hits Nickelodeon on January 20th, and short-form content and full episodes of the show are also slated to hit and the Nick Jr. App.