New Peacemaker Character Details Reportedly Revealed

Fans only have to wait a matter of months to check out The Suicide Squad, as the DC [...]

Fans only have to wait a matter of months to check out The Suicide Squad, as the DC Comics-inspired film is set to debut in theaters and on HBO Max beginning in August of next year. Beyond the film itself, there are set to be new explorations of the film's eclectic roster of characters, including through a Peacemaker series on HBO Max. The TV series will tell the story of John Cena's Christopher Smithe/Peacemaker, a pacifist vigilante who goes to some surprisingly violent means to promote his ideology. The series is set to begin filming in the near future, and has begun to cast its ensemble cast -- and a new report from The Illuminerdi dives into casting details surrounding more of them.

First up is Leota Adebayo, who was confirmed to be played by Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks in a report last month. Leota is described as "smart, driven, full-figured and capable, but with her fair share of insecurities…A newcomer who isn't treated well by the others". While this description doesn't answer any questions surrounding exactly who Leota is - and whether she could ultimately be a hero or a villain - it does provide a bit more context regarding her character.

There's also Auggie Smith, who has been confirmed to be played by Terminator 2: Judgement Day's Robert Patrick. Described as the father of Christopher Smith, Auggie is "a strongly opinionated, vulgar, small-town racist who is powerful and cunning." The report also claims he will serve as a series regular, but only for a one-season deal.

While Auggie doesn't share the same name as Peacemaker's father in the comics - which made some speculate that he could have some other tie to the character - this description certainly seems to fit what has been established for the character. In the comics, Peacemaker's father is Wolfgang Schmidt, a Nazi who runs a concentration camp during World War II, and ultimately commits suicide instead of facing his crimes. After his death, Wolfgang continued to haunt Christopher Smith both figuratively and literally, with his heinous crimes and his ghost-like visions affecting his son's life and motivating him to become a vigilante.

These character descriptions definitely shed some interesting light on what fans could expect for the Peacemaker series, especially when it comes to adapting Christopher Smith's unique trajectory into becoming a vigilante.