Peacock Reveals Amber Ruffin Show Premiere Date

Fans who tune in to Late Night with Seth Meyers know that writer Amber Ruffin is one of the best parts of the show, and now she's getting her own show on Peacock. The streaming service is steadily building up its original content, and Ruffin's show will premiere on the service on September 25th. Ruffin was excited to announce the date on social media, sharing a photo from the show with the caption "WE HAVE A PREMIERE DATE! The Amber Ruffin Show begins September 25th on Peacock!!" The new show will incorporate the fun and social commentary Ruffin's segments are known for on Late Night, and in a new interview Ruffin expanded on the show's tone and balance.

"We are going to talk about the news, and we are going to be doofuses, so hopefully it’ll be a nice mix of the two," Ruffin told Vulture. "We will be like, 'Well now this crazy thing is the law. Let’s examine what that might look like in a puppet show.' God, it won’t be a puppet show. Sorry I said puppet show. In a song or whatever. So hopefully we will do something like a monologue and maybe that’ll cover the topical news and then maybe a sketch and a song. Girl, I don’t know. Any ideas for structure, please mail them to me."

Puppet show aside, the show is debuting right in the thick of a heated election season, one that is really quite different from past election cycles, and Ruffin is taking it in stride.

"I love it, but also it doesn’t feel contentious to me," Ruffin said. "It doesn’t feel like there are these two crazy sides against each other, because I’m a Black person and I don’t know a lot of Trump people. It feels more like us normal folks and then stories you hear from people who know people who are crazy — it’s those two groups. So I can’t imagine someone fixing their face to say to me, 'Oh my God, I love Trump so much and I want to talk about that with you.' I would die. Sorry. Actually, I would be perfectly fine because my legs work and I would walk away."


The Amber Ruffin Show hits Peacock on September 25th.

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