Logan Lerman Praises Walker Scobell's Percy Jackson (Exclusive)

Rick Riordan's world of demigods and monsters has a new lease on life. Just one year after Disney finalized its acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019, it was announced that the house of mouse's streaming service would be rebooting Percy Jackson and the Olympians in serialized form. Over a decade prior, Percy Jackson lived in live-action form at Fox, as the studio developed two film adaptations of the best-selling book series with Logan Lerman bringing the titular character to life. While there were minimal rumblings about a third installment, the film franchise ultimately ended after 2013's Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

With Lerman's days of wielding Riptide in the rear view, Poseidon has claimed Walker Scobell (The Adam Project) as his son for the upcoming show. Even with his limited filmography credits, Scobell has already shared the screen and held his own with Hollywood veterans like Ryan Reynolds and Owen Wilson, earning praise from peers, critics, and fans alike.

(Photo: Netflix)

Speaking to ComicBook.com's Liam Crowley while promoting Prime Video's Hunters Season 2, Lerman believes that Scobell needs no advice in the acting department, but offered some words of wisdom in regards to the production experience.

"I don't think he needs any advice. The kid's really talented. The only advice I can give him is just to enjoy it while you're doing it," Lerman said. "I think when you're young, at least when I was younger [playing Percy Jackson], you almost forget to enjoy it as you're a part of it. I really enjoyed it while I was doing it. Just take each second in and enjoy the newness of what you're doing and being a part of something like that. That would be the only thing I would tell him. I'd feel like a bit of a schmuck, giving him advice (laughs). You're great. You're there for a reason. Just do your job."

As for the reboot itself, Lerman has full faith in its success due to the involvement of one man specifically.

"I just think this adaptation's going to be great. I think the actors are so good and the creative team is great. Obviously, it's Rick Riordan," Lerman continued. "It's going to be exactly what it should be and I hope the fans like it. I'll definitely watch it. I'm curious to see what they do with it. I have no doubt that it's going to be great."

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is in its final month of production and is aiming for a 2024 release. Lerman can be seen in Hunters Season 2, premiering on Prime Video on January 13th.