Logan Lerman Praises Disney+'s Percy Jackson, Shuts Down Casting Rumors

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is alive and well at Disney+. Two years after author Rick Riordan took to socials to reveal that the streaming giant had green lit a serialized reboot of the best-selling young adult books, Percy Jackson is now a fully-fledged and ongoing operation. The series added Walker Scobell (The Adam Project) in the titular role this past April, while also rounding out the supporting ensemble with tons of young talent in the subsequent months. Percy Jackson officially kicked off production this past June in Vancouver, utilizing a brand-new extra-large Volume stage, similar to the StageCraft used for The Mandalorian. As this eight-month filming schedule barrels on, fans have clamored for more casting announcements, particularly revolving around the gods that sit upon Olympus.

One of those god fancasts has been the former Percy Jackson, Logan Lerman. Many have tied Lerman to the role of Poseidon, as it would be a meta twist to have the actor play his original role's father in this reboot. Speaking at the Bullet Train premiere, Lerman responded to The Hollywood Reporter's question about if fans could see him in this rebooted Percy Jackson.

"I mean, it's an interesting question because, could you? Sure, but I'm not," Lerman said. "It really just depends on certain factors. Like, a number of things, but most importantly the quality of the script and the role, but they didn't talk to me. They don't want me in it, I don't think. I would have probably heard something by now. Either way, who cares [if I'm in it]? It's awesome that they're making it. I'm excited to see them do it."

Regardless of his lack of involvement, Lerman emphasized his enthusiasm for this new take on Riordan's vast world of Greek mythology, specifically giving praise to the fact that Riordan himself is so intertwined in the development.

"I'm excited too! I'm really excited," Lerman said. "I'm curious to see it. I think everything I've seen so far like, peripherally, just about casting and how they're doing it, and that Rick is running it just makes me happy. It makes me happy for the fans. I'm excited for this new generation to watch it."


Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently on its third month of production in Vancouver, and is tentatively set to wrap filming in January 2023.