Prodigal Son Cancelled After Two Seasons at FOX

The two-season drama Prodigal Son is coming to an end at FOX with TV Line reporting that the show [...]

The two-season drama Prodigal Son is coming to an end at FOX with TV Line reporting that the show has been cancelled. A network insider reportedly told that outlet that "the decision to pull the plug on the dramatic thriller was an 'incredibly difficult' one," but that the viewership on the show was simply too small to "justify bringing it back for a third season." There's no word from the series on if the producers will seek out another potential home for the show, but today's news for now means that the season two finale on May 18 will no become the series finale.

The Walking Dead alum Tom Payne lead the cast of Prodigal Son, starring as FBI Profiler Malcolm Bright, with Golden Globe winner Michael Sheen playing his father, an imprisoned serial killer. The series was a big hit for FOX when it first debut in 2019, even finding some new fans earlier this year when it landed on HBO Max to stream. Season Two picks up with Bright's personal life in disarray after his sister AINSLEY's (Halston Sage) shocking actions in the Season One finale.

Now, he must "take care" of her and protect his mother JESSICA WHITLY (Bellamy Young) from a secret that could tear the family apart all over again. Meanwhile, Martin proves himself valuable in treating patients, after being assigned to infirmary duty by Claremont Psychiatric's resident MD, DR. VIVIAN CAPSHAW (Catherine Zeta-Jones, "Chicago," "Ocean's 12," "Traffic," "Feud"), and seeks to deepen his relationship with Bright, his prodigal son, but forging this bond leads to shocking twists and revelations

The series also featured some surprise guest stars, especially in its second season, with a recent episode including Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones and Emmy Nominee Alan Cumming.

Fans of the series quickly took to social media to express their dissapointment in the cancellation with a petition to get the series renewed even launching BEFORE the news became public. As of this writing over 1300 have signed the petition so far, which in part reads:

"Though ratings have not been great, we the viewers need the show to continue to show us that TV can be fun and entertaining again and simply for pure enjoyment. "Prodigal Son" has shown us that it can stand on its own in storytelling and without the need to rip stories from the headlines to keep its fanbase engaged-fans who are willing to do what it takes to get more seasons, but that FOX never allows a program to thrive before cancelling it is truly disheartening."

Sadly that final sentence has seemingly once again been proven true.