'Riverdale': Is SPOILER Tied to the Black Hood?

Tonight's Riverdale saw echoes of The Black Hood begin to come back -- including one that could be hiding in plain sight.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Riverdale, "The Noose Tightens" below!

One of the episode's many different plotlines centered on the Cooper family, who were worried they'd have to answer for the murder of the "shady man" that was committed in their house a few episodes back.

This was made worth by a visit from Darla, a woman whose car the "shady man", Dwayne, had stolen, leading to the Coopers ultimately dumping it in a nearby swamp. Darla could tell that the Coopers had something to do with Dwayne's disappearance, and promised not to rat them out to the authorities as long as they paid her a large sum of money.

After a little bit of trouble, Darla and her cohort ultimately left the Cooper household with the money. On the surface, that would indicate that her storyline is wrapped up, but that could very well not be the case.

There actually happens to be an Archie Comics character also named Darla: Darla Lang, a Red Circle superhero who goes by the moniker of "Darkling". With the help of a magical cloak, Darla serves as a member of the Mighty Crusaders, a superhero team that also featured the Black Hood.

That's right, the only Archie Comics character would could be a proxy for Darla just happens to have a tie to Riverdale's gun-toting menace. Considering the flashes of Black Hood that we got in this episode, and the fact that we know there's more to come with regards to the villain, there's something about Darla's appearance that feels intentional.

What could that mean going forward? It's honestly too early to tell. After all, there are a lot of elements surrounding Dwayne's murder that remain a mystery, including exactly how Dwayne and Darla knew Chic to begin with. Considering how many things are going on, it certainly wouldn't be out of the question for those events to be connected to the "real" Black Hood.

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