'Riverdale' Star Vanessa Morgan on What's Next for Toni and Cheryl (Exclusive)

It looks like there could be a new relationship brewing in the town of Riverdale!Warning: Spoilers [...]

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It looks like there could be a new relationship brewing in the town of Riverdale!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Riverdale! Continue reading at your own risk...

Cheryl Blossom and her mother have been at odds all season, especially after it was revealed that Penelope was using their family home as a brothel. After a touching screening of Love, Simon, Cheryl unexpectedly opened up to Toni Topaz at Pop's, revealing that she was in love with a girl in her early teen years, but that her mother tried to ruin her life for it.

Now it looks like something could be brewing between Cheryl and Toni, and Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan spoke exclusively with ComicBook.com about the relationship between the two girls, and what could be next for them as the season continues.

"Madelaine Petsch is one of my best friends, before I even started filming this show," Morgan said of her new scene partner. "The fact, reading that means I get more screen time with her, more set time with her, was just awesome. I love Cheryl's character, and I think their friendship and whatever it turns out to be, is going to be an awesome thing. They're both strong independent girls, who come from a broken home. I think that's going to be a very interesting dynamic."

When Toni first arrived on the show, she didn't exactly seem like a good fit for Cheryl, considering both are a bit of the rebellious type. However, according to Morgan, the two characters have a similar past to bond over.

"Cheryl revealing that she was into girls and her mom kind of cut that off right away and she loved that girl, I think that's going to make Toni realize, 'Oh wow, you like girls too.' I think that instantly just opens Toni's mind to be like, 'Oh, okay. Good to know. Maybe you could like me. Who knows?' I feel like that's the game changer there, where she reveals that, because Toni can 100% relate to that. They'll definitely bond over both being bisexual characters on the show."

As far as what comes next, Morgan told us that the options are still pretty wide open. This relationship could blossom into something more than friends but, even if it doesn't, these two definitely need one another in their lives.

"I mean regardless of where Toni and Cheryl end up, however that relationship works, the thing about Cheryl and Toni is that I think Toni's the first person, obviously Betty do a couple of times challenge her, but Toni really challenges her," Morgan said. "I think it's one of those things where her tough exterior, Toni sees right through that. I think Toni's probably been there, done that. She knows when a person's wall is up and is just trying to be strong. I think the fact that Cheryl's bringing her wall down with her, I think that's just like the biggest thing, and they're so similar in that way. Toni kind of smiles whenever she's trying to be tough like that. She's from the Southside. She's used to way more than that. I think that's a really interesting dynamic, and that's why it works so well, and that's why Cheryl's like, 'Oh shit, I can't put on a front with you. You're not letting go, you're pushing me here. You know the truth.' That's really cool and that's why that will work."

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