She-Hulk: Alison Brie Admits She's Following Online Casting Rumors Along With Fans

Thanks to her performances in TV series like Mad Men and Community, Alison Brie has earned herself [...]

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Thanks to her performances in TV series like Mad Men and Community, Alison Brie has earned herself a number of fans over the years, with many of them imagining how she'd look as a number of different superheroes every time a new project is announced, as the actress herself recently admitted that she has kept an eye on the casting status of the upcoming She-Hulk TV series as closely as fans have. Brie didn't offer any updates on whether or not she could potentially be involved with the new series, though speculation surrounding her involvement heated up earlier this year when rumors circulated that Marvel Studios was looking for an "Alison Brie-type" actress for the project, with the coronavirus pandemic likely delaying all development on the series.

"You know, I've been trying to follow it online a little bit, and there don't seem to be," Brie shared with The Hollywood Reporter in regards to any updates on She-Hulk casting. "But it is always funny to me when something kind of takes off on the internet, and I'm getting my updates from fans tagging me in things on Instagram. I'm like, 'Oh, interesting. Oh, people are still talking about it. That's cool.'"

While she has yet to take on a live-action superhero role, Brie hasn't been totally detached from the superhero world, as she voiced Black Widow in the Marvel's Avengers Academy video game.

When rumors first surfaced about the program casting an "Alison Brie-type," she was primarily flattered that she had her own "type," having previously auditioned for parts that were described as other actresses.

"I didn't really realize it was such a trending thing, but I woke up to a lot of Instagram posts of side-by-side pictures of me and She-Hulk, which I just thought, 'cool,'" Brie shared with The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this year when discussing fan support for the role. "And then that quote about an 'Alison Brie-type,' which honestly, I found very exciting because for years I've auditioned for the 'Anne Hathaway-type' or the 'Zooey Deschanel-type.' I was like very flattered to be my own type for somebody else."

During this appearance, Brie was pressed for more details about the project, but with this appearance happening before the pandemic shut down production, any potential casting progress was likely thwarted.

Stay tuned for details on the She-Hulk TV series.

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