Star Wars: Alan Tudyk Clears Up Rumors of His Andor Involvement

Dating back to the earliest announcements about the upcoming Star Wars: Andor, Alan Tudyk was set [...]

Dating back to the earliest announcements about the upcoming Star Wars: Andor, Alan Tudyk was set to reprise his role as the droid K-2SO, only for the actor himself to share earlier this month that he won't be in Season One, igniting theories that he wouldn't be involved in the project after all. In the wake of those rumors, Tudyk himself offered a bit more insight into the situation, detailing that the confusion comes from the fact that the story for the first season hadn't yet been fully realized, but that he will return to the franchise when the future storyline calls for it.

"I am coming back at some point," Tudyk confirmed to Entertainment Tonight. "I was there at the first announcement at D23 and, at that point, the story hadn't been formalized yet, so now that it has been formalized, even though I was announced at the beginning, and every announcement I saw had me involved, I am not involved currently. I will be involved at some…later date."

Of K-2SO, he added, "He'll be back at some point and I'll look forward to it."

The series was originally announced in November of 2018, but the series has undergone a number of setbacks. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic seeing production halted for an extended period of time last year, the project has seen a revolving door of filmmakers involved in the series' development, with Tudyk's recent comments supporting just how much the series has evolved over the years.

Tudyk's recent remarks also help contextualize his more off-the-cuff reaction to being asked about Andor earlier this month.

"They're shooting it right now, I'm not in it. But, if it stays on the air, stories keep getting told, I'll end up in there," Tudyk shared with Collider. "I'm in all these announcements for the show, and I had suggested at D23 when we announced in the show, that it be called K2 Fast K2 Furious: The Cassian Andor Series and, um, that's not happening, it's called Andor!"

He added, "I'm going to be in the show. It's just that the story that Tony [Gilroy] is telling doesn't involve K-2SO until later on... I can't be too specific, but I can definitely say that I'm not going to be in the first season."

Star Wars: Andor is set to debut on Disney+ next month.

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